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Health, Education and Social Care Chamber

Welcome from the Chamber President

Judge Sutherland Williams smiling at the camera, wearing a suit.The Health, Education and Social Care Chamber is one of the largest constituent branches of the First-tier Tribunal, and is an integral part of the overall justice system within the courts and tribunals judiciary of England and Wales.

We deal with some 50,000 cases and list around 60,000 sitting days per year, serving thousands of appellants, vulnerable individuals, and families annually.  We offer accessible justice in all our hearings by operating a video hearing service, together with some in-person hearings in court locations throughout England in Special Educational Needs and Disability appeals, and in England and Wales in Care Standards and Primary Health List cases. We also have the option of sitting in hospitals and hospital trust premises in England in Mental Health cases.

Each jurisdiction within the Health, Education and Social Care Chamber, like every case, is unique. I am proud of the dedication of our 1500 judges and judicial officer holders in this Chamber who work to bring justice to the communities we serve every day. They fulfil their duties as an independent and impartial judiciary by providing fair and accessible justice, in accordance with the legislative schemes we operate within and the Health, Education and Social Care Chamber procedural rules.

This website is one expression of our commitment to providing accessible and relevant information that we hope you find useful, whether you are a litigant, representative, member of the legal profession, or simply curious about the way in which the judiciary operates in Britain.  We have retained and reformatted our content and included links to other sites to help provide you with an integrated view of the justice system and the part the Health, Education and Social Care Chamber plays within it. We will be developing and adding content to the site over time.

Judge Mark Sutherland Williams
Chamber President
Royal Courts of Justice, London

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Health, Education and Social Care Chamber Procedure Rules (PDF, opens in a new tab)