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Bench Chairs

Updated: July  2020


London South London David Armitage
London West London Subash Ludhra
London North West London Sue Kayser
London Central London Jane Smith
London East London Amanda Glass
London South West London Mandy Lamplough
London North London Wendy Living
London South East London Heather East
London North East London James Brennan



Midlands North Derbyshire Paul Barker
Midlands Lincolnshire Stephen Beard
Midlands Staffordshire Carol Colclough
Midlands Leicestershire & Rutland Martin Pantling
Midlands Northamptonshire Andrew Scarborough
Midlands Worcestershire Fiona James
Midlands Birmingham & Solihull David Warner
Midlands Nottinghamshire Cherryl Lacey
Midlands The Black Country Michael Woodhouse
Midlands South Derbyshire Peter Leatherland
Midlands Coventry and Warwickshire Graham Hollowell
Midlands Herefordshire Libhin Bromley
Midlands Shropshire Angela Channon

North East

North East Humber Caroline Heaton
North East Cleveland Mike Poole
North East South Yorkshire Richard Fone
North East West Yorkshire Gillian Arnold
North East North Northumbria David Littlefield
North East Co Durham and Darlington John Robinson
North East North Yorkshire Ewan Scott
North East South Northumbria Gerald Tierney
North West Greater Manchester Paul Brearley
North West North & West Cumbria Chris Drouet
North West Cheshire Elaine Hemmings
North West South Cumbria Les Johnson
North West Merseyside Carmel Stewart
North West Lancashire Paul Wright

South East

South East Cambridgeshire Ian Balmer
South East Sussex Central Mark Linford
South East Essex South Bev Purvis
South East Buckinghamshire Neil Arnold
South East Sussex Eastern John Ioannou
South East Kent East Jackie Allison
South East Kent Central Dave Mann
South East Kent North Mandy Samrai
South East Suffolk Jill Stuchfield
South East Norfolk Nicholas Clarke
South East Oxfordshire James Macnamara
South East Berkshire Chris Juden
South East Surrey John Small
South East West & Central Herts Suzy Jordache
South East Bedfordshire Simon Smith
South East North & East Herts Karen Trew
South East Essex North Dawn Roche
South East Sussex West Nigel Fullbrook
South West Cornwall Yolanda Hasell
South West Dorset Sue Mitchell
South West W Hampshire Chris Willsher
South West Gloucestershire Julia Hurrell
South West Wiltshire Linda Raine
South West Isle of Wight Gillian Dale
South West E Hampshire Nick Mansfield
South West N&E Devon Janie Lock
South West S&W Devon Alastair Camp
South West Avon & Somerset Val Castell
South West N Hampshire Barbara Spender


South West

Yolanda Hasell – Cornwall

Sue Mitchell – Dorset

Chris Willsher – W Hampshire

Julia Hurrell – Gloucestershire

Linda Raine – Wiltshire

Gillian Dale – Isle of Wight

Nick Mansfield – E Hampshire

Janie Lock – N&E Devon

Alastair Camp – S&W Devon

Val Castell – Avon & Somerset

Barbara Spender – N Hampshire


Wales Cardiff Lisa Gerson
Wales Gwent Stephen Cox
Wales Mid Wales David Davies
Wales North West Wales Elfed ap Gomer
Wales Carmarthenshire David Evans
Wales West Glamorgan Karen Andrew
Wales North East Wales Andy Stubbs
Wales Ceredigion & Pembrokeshire Sheena Jowett
Wales Central North Wales Toby Prosser
Wales Montgomeryshire Susan Usmar