Work of the Technology and Construction Court

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An extract from “London Bridge” RBAET

The TCC is a specialist court with specialist judges who deal with all types of construction, engineering and technology disputes both from within the UK and which arise internationally. The work includes the following:

  • Building, construction and engineering contract disputes;
  • Claims relating to the design, supply and installation of computers, software and related network systems;
  • Professional negligence disputes relating to surveyors, engineers, architects, accountants and other specialist advisers in the construction, engineering and technology fields;
  • Claims relating to the supply and provision of materials, goods, plant and other services;
  • Dilapidation claims as between landlord and tenant;
  • Environmental issues, including pollution and reclamation;
  • Nuisance claims relating to land use;
  • Claims arising out of fires and explosions;
  • Public procurement (in all fields);
  • Enforcement of or challenges to adjudicators’ decisions arising out of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 (as amended);
  • Challenges to decisions of arbitrators in the construction, engineering and technology fields;
  • Insurance disputes related to construction, engineering and technology;
  • Contractual disputes involving oil and gas installations, onshore and offshore, and shipbuilding;
  • Procurement challenges in technology and construction and other cases.

Digital Disputes

The Technology and Construction Court, along with the other courts of the Business and Property Courts, continues to be at the forefront of developing commercial litigation including a range of disputes involving digital assets and digitalised transaction documents, including disputes relating to smart contracts, crypto currency,  NFTs and intellectual property rights in digital assets.