Regional Centres

The court centres outside London at which the TCC principally operates are:

The Technology and Construction Courts outside London deal with every type and value of TCC case. Any case which could be issued in the High Court in London can also be issued and tried in these Court Centres. If a case has a local connection to one of the Court Centres outside London, it should be issued and tried in that Court Centre. If such a case is issued in London, it is likely to be transferred to the appropriate Court Centre outside London in any event.

A lead TCC judge is available at all of those Court Centres. The majority of the work is done by specialist senior Circuit Judges. In appropriate cases, High Court Judges will come to each of the Court Centres to try a case locally. In some centres, a specially authorised District Judge may deal with some case management and some smaller applications. A further advantage of dealing with a case in one of the Court Centres outside London is that TCC cases of smaller value are often dealt with by the same specialist senior Circuit Judges in any event, either in the County Court, or transferred to High Court if that is appropriate.

Judges authorised to deal with TCC business are also available at Mold. However, claims cannot be issued at that court centre.

The contact details for each TCC outside London, and details of the Judges who sit in the TCC at each court centre, can be accessed via the links above.