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Circuit Commercial Courts guide: Appendix B – Case Management Information Sheet

[Title of Case]

This information sheet must be filed with Circuit Commercial Listing at least 7 days before the Case Management Conference, and copies served on all other parties: see paragraph 7.7 of the Circuit Commercial (Mercantile) Courts Practice Direction.

Party filing:
Advocate(s) for trial:

Substance of case

1. What in about 20 words maximum is the case about? Please provide a separate concise list of issues in a complex case.

Shorter or Flexible Trial Scheme

2. Is this case suitable for the Shorter or Flexible Trial Scheme (if not already issued in that Scheme)?


3. Are all parties still effective?
4. Do you intend to add any further party?

Statements of case

5. Do you intend to amend your statement of case?
6. Do you require any “further information” – see CPR 18?


7. What level of disclosure is appropriate and is that agreed?
8. By what date can you give the disclosure proposed?
9. If standard disclosure is proposed, please specify why it is necessary and proportionate.
10. By what date can you give the disclosure proposed?
11. Do you contend that to search for any type of document falling within CPR 31.6(b) would be unreasonable within CPR 31.7(2); if so, what type and on what grounds?
12. Is any specific disclosure required – CPR 31.12? If so, please specify.
13. Do you wish the Court to deal with such specific disclosure at the CMC?


14. Can you make any additional admissions?

Preliminary issues

15. Are any issues suitable for trial as preliminary issues? If yes, which?

Witnesses of fact

16. On how many witnesses of fact do you intend to rely at the trial (subject to the court’s
17. Please name them, or explain why you do not.
18. Which of them will be called to give oral evidence?
19. When can you serve their witness statements?
20. Will any require an interpreter?

Expert evidence

21. Are there issues requiring expert evidence?
22. If yes, what issues?
23. Might a single joint expert be suitable on any issues (see CPR 35.7)?
24. What experts do you intend (subject to the court’s direction) to call? Please give the number, their names and expertise.
25. By what date can you serve signed expert reports?
26. Should there be meetings of experts of like disciplines, of all disciplines? Should this be before or after the exchange of reports?
27. Which experts, if any, do you intend not to call at the trial?
28. Will any require an interpreter?


29. What are the advocates’ present estimates of the length of the trial?
30. What is the earliest date that you think the case can be ready for trial?
31. Where should the trial be held?
32. Is a Pre-Trial Review advisable?


33. Might some form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (including ENE) assist to resolve the dispute or some part of it?
34. Has this been considered with the client?
35. Has this been considered with the other parties?
36. Do you want the case to be stayed pending A.D.R. or other means of settlement – CPR 26.4; or any other directions relating to A.D.R.?

Other applications

37. What applications, if any, not covered above, will you be making at the conference?


38. Have you filed and exchanged your costs budget?

[Signature of party/solicitor]