Resources for home

There are plenty of resources available online to help teachers, parents, or guardians, bring the judiciary to their year group or home. Please find a list of useful resources below that are free to use and do not require additional support from members of the judiciary.

Resources from the judiciary

‘The judiciary: the basics’ handout (PDF)

‘How are sentences decided?’ handout (PDF)

A ‘student pack’ which includes: A-Z Glossary of Legal Teams, General Introduction, A career in the Courts, Victim Support, Probation Service (word document)

Videos of District Judges talking about their work

Videos of Circuit Judges talking about their work

Videos: Judges talk about their judicial careers

A day in the life of… written accounts

Videos of magistrates talking about the role and their experiences of it

‘The Modern Judiciary: Who They Are, What They Do and Why it Matters’ – Online course in partnership with King’s College London (aimed at 16+ year olds)

Court of Appeal Live Streaming

News articles

Pupils learn more about judiciary at Schools Question Time event (December 2019)

Judicial Question Time for schools (March 2019)

External websites and resources

Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT)
Citizenship teaching resources for distance learning
Resources for KS2, KS3, and KS4

Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT)
Weekly Citizenship Lessons for Years 7-10
Includes questions on ‘Why do we have laws?’ and ‘Who enforces the law?’

Bingham Centre
The Rule of Law
This resources is for KS3 pupils and includes activities and videos. 97% of students felt the course had given them a better understanding of the justice system.

British Library
Teaching resources on Magna Carta
A range of resources for both primary and secondary school classrooms, you can filter by age, subject, and themes

Virtual Mock Jury Trial 
The first ever virtual mock jury trial service – three videos ‘Introduction’, ‘Main Trial’, ‘Jury Deliberations’

Ministry of Justice
You be the Judge
A series of interactive videos that explore the decision making process behind sentencing

Sentencing Council
Information for teachers
Resources for teachers of KS3 and KS4 to help pupils understand how criminal sentencing works in England and Wales, including worksheets and infographics

Supreme Court
Supreme Court Live Stream and Recordings
The highest court in the UK live streams it hearings plus you can watch recordings of cases that have already been heard! It publishes handy case summaries so you can see if its an issue you might be interested in following.

Young Citizens
Free teaching resources
Resources cover topics such as ‘Ethics, Innovation and the Law’, ‘Citizenship – a privilege or a right?’, and ‘The Law in Wales’

Paid for resources

Young Citizens
‘SmartLaw’ programme

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