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High Court Masters, Insolvency and Companies Court Judges and District Judges

Last updated: 7 October 2019

Name Date of appointment
Senior Master Fontaine 20/10/2014 (Queen’s Bench Master 12/05/2003)
Queen’s Bench Master Cook 20/06/2011
Queen’s Bench Master Davison 01/02/2016
Queen’s Bench Master Eastman 27/04/2009
Queen’s Bench Master Gidden 01/10/2012
Queen’s Bench Master McCloud 23/06/2010
Queen’s Bench Master Sullivan 05/12/2019
Queen’s Bench Master Thornett 31/10/2016
Queen’s Bench Master Yoxall 28/02/2002
Chief Chancery Master Marsh 11/04/2014 (Chancery Master 12/03/2012)
Chancery Master Clark 02/02/2015
Chancery Master Matthews 06/07/2015
Chancery Master Teverson 16/05/2005
Chancery Master Schuman 14/12/17
Chancery Master Kaye 01/05/19
Senior Costs Judge (Chief Taxing Master) Gordon-Saker 1/10/2014 (Costs Judge 29/10/2003)
Costs Judge Brown 06/10/2016
Costs Judge Haworth 01/07/2006
Costs Judge James 21/09/2015
Costs Judge Leonard 01/10/2010
Costs Judge Nagalingam 18/09/2017
Costs Judge Rowley 02/04/2013
Costs Judge Whalan 09/11/2015
Insolvency and Companies Court Judge Barber 06/04/2009
Chief Insolvency and Companies Court Judge Briggs 02/02/2015 (appointed Chief Registrar 14/08/2017)
Insolvency and Companies Court Judge Jones 25/01/2012
Insolvency and Companies Court Judge Mullen 17/12/18
Insolvency and Companies Court Judge Prentis 17/12/18
Insolvency and Companies Court Judge Burton 18/12/18
Senior Judge of the Court of Protection Her Honour Judge Hilder  04/04/2017
District Judge ( Family Division) Aitken 01/05/2008
District Judge ( Family Division) Gibson 09/07/2010
District Judge ( Family Division) Robinson 30/09/2002
District Judge ( Family Division) Simmonds 01/07/2010