Anti-social behaviour injunction (ASBI)


In January 2018 a working group was set up to address the current gap in guidance for civil judges on the ASBI scheme.


Read the working group’s final report published in October 2020


Chair: HHJ Barry Cotter QC
Christina Marriot – Revolving doors
Craig Keenan – Community Law Partnership
DJ Anesh Pema – Judiciary
Dr Judy Laing – Academic James Stark – Barrister
Fushcia Allen – Probation service
HHJ Robinson – Judiciary
Jo Grimshaw – Surrey Police
Jo Hickman – CJC Member
Mike Ward – Alcohol Concern
Phil Bowen – Centre for Justice Innovation
Rebecca Bryant -Resolve ASB
Sara Duckett – Manchester City Council

Terms of Reference

To produce a report in response to widespread concern about: the way that ASBIs are being applied for and/or used in the courts; the limited powers afforded to the court; and the lack of involvement of third parties in the process.

The group seek to report by April 2020 to provide clarity on sentencing guidelines and make recommendations for future improvements.