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Bridget Lindley MBE

The Family Justice Council hosts a series of annual lectures to commemorate the life and work of Bridget Lindley MBE, who served with distinction as a member of the Family Justice Council and as the Family Rights Group’s Principal Legal Adviser and Deputy Chief Executive.

Bridget, sadly, died on 2 March 2016, at home in Cambridge. The inaugural lecture took place in March 2017.

After qualifying as a solicitor in 1986 and undertaking legal aid work at Darlington and Parkinson in London, Bridget joined the Family Rights Group in 1988. She was appointed to the Family Justice Council in December 2007 as the Parent and Relatives’ representative. While on the Council, she founded and chaired its Parent and Relatives sub-group, involving parents and kinship carers in the Council’s work.

Bridget served with distinction on the Council for more than six years. She brought great energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the role. Bridget was held in high regard by very many people and hugely respected for her tireless championing of the cause of parents, and members of the wider family, caught up in the public law system.

FJC responses to Consultations

  • April 2016

A consultation on changes to Rules relating to the composition of magistrates’ courts, bench officers, elections and justices’ training and authorisations: Consultation: Changes to the rules relating to the composition of magistrates’ courtsFJC response: Changes to the rules relating to the composition of magistrates’ courts

  • September 2015

Consultation on the new draft Part of the Family Procedure Rules 2010 (Part 3A: Children and Vulnerable Persons: Participation in proceedings and giving evidence): Consultation: Draft amendments to Family Procedure RulesFJC response: Draft amendments to Family Procedure Rules

  • September 2015

Special guardianship: a call for views: Consultation: Review of Special GuardianshipFJC response: Review of Special Guardianship

  • August 2015

Transparency – The next steps: Consultation: Transparency – The next stepsFJC response: Transparency – The next steps

  • July 2015

A consultation paper by the Law Commission on the enforcement of Family Financial Orders:  Consultation: Enforcement of Family Financial OrdersFJC response: Enforcement of Family Financial OrdersTriennial review of the Family Justice Council (November 2013)

Working groups

This link contains groups on Experts; Litigrants in Person; Money and Property; British Psychological Society; Pre-proceedings; Risk Assessments; and previous committees.