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Third Party Funding

Code for Conduct for Litigation Funders

The final version of the Code of Conduct for Litigation Funders is below. This voluntary Code, sets out standards of practice and behaviour for litigation funders in England & Wales:

It was also agreed that an Association of Litigation Funders of England and Wales should be established. Copies of the Articles and Rules of the Association are below:

News Release:

Working Party:

Further information about the CJC Working Party which considered the responses to the consultation and produced the final version of the Code.


In June 2007 the CJC published advice to the Lord Chancellor in a paper titled ‘Improved Access to Justice Funding Options and Proportionate Costs – The Future Funding of Litigation, Alternative Funding Structures’. The third recommendation in that paper related to properly regulated third party funding and the CJC formed a Working Party to consider this issue further.

Stakeholder events were held by the CJC in February and July 2008 where a draft Code of Conduct for Third Party Funding, which the Working Party had produced, was considered. Following Lord Justice Jackson’s recommendations the draft Code of Conduct was revised and in February 2010 the CJC held another stakeholder event to consider the revised code.

In July 2010 the CJC opened a consultation on the Self Regulatory Code for Third Party Funding which closed in December 2010. A summary of responses was published in June 2011. Details of consultation:

Minutes of Events: